Protect your art assets on the blockchain.

Artcryption is a blockchain platform that protects and stores artwork on the ethereum blockchain creating trust in the purchase of art.  Use our AI image search to find infringing works, whether similar or exact copies, on the web.

                      Advantages of storing and protecting art on the blockchain: 

      • Alternative copyright infringement protection
      • Obtain certificates of authenticity 
      • Prevent counterfeits & fakes
      • Release limited editions/NFTs of art on the blockchain 


Authenticity & Provenance

Track and record the title, provenance and chain of custody of your art collection.  

Alternative Copyright Protection

The permanent and irreversible nature of blockchain provides alternative copyright protection providing date and time of creations.  

Release Limited Editions

Release limited editions of both physical and digital art on the blockchain.  

Faster & Secure Sales

Sell art on the blockchain which is faster and more secure Obtain and record resale royalties, appraisals and valuations.  

Sign up now to protect your art on the blockchain and release limited editions with non-fungible tokens.

Samsung Themes by Artcryption

We Design Artist Designed Themes & Wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy Store that will be protected on the blockchain. 

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Apply to become informed when we launch. You can use Artcryption to record your artwork on the ethereum blockchain and release non-fungible tokens.
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